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The Cool Ways of Wearing Tanks & Camis Tanks & camis are one of the most comfortable fashion items for everyday use. They have a material that is able to absorb sweat, perfect for use in hot weather. You must be one of those people who like to wear tanks & camis. When walking at the mall, going on vacation to a tropical city or simply going to a coffee shop near the house, a tank top can be the mainstay. In this article, we will give you a reference on how to use tanks and camis that can make you look cooler. Don't worry; our methods won't force you to buy new fashion items. Try unpacking the contents of your closet again. For sure, you will get one of the fashion items that can be combined with tanks and camis. Ready to look fashionable with them? Let's see how it's done below! 1. Try pairing it with a skirt for a more feminine look Feminine style is most fitting with using a skirt. You can also combine a skirt with tanks & camis. Choose a skirt with a catchy leopard patterned a-line skirt. As a counterweight to a skirt that has already attracted attention, you can simply use a black tank top and gold accessories. It's easy to look sexy and feminine. 2. Combine with outerwear Don't want to dress up by showing your arms when wearing a tank top? You can choose outerwear! Jeans jackets, leather jackets or blazers can be an option, depending on the type of occasion and your personality. Give a more stunning look with a cat-eye statement sunglasses model. 3. Give catchy accessory accents Plain tanks & camis will feel even more boring without any other details on the total look. You can choose accessories, such as earrings or a long necklace. Pair it with a flowy maxi skirt and casual sandals. There's nothing wrong with wearing this outfit while on vacation. 4. Going for an edgy style? Boots are the choice! Boots are timeless shoes. There's nothing wrong if you combine it with your favorite tank top. Give an edgy fashion look with a classic tank, leather pants, boots and sunglasses. Guaranteed your look will be 100% cooler. 5. The sportier style During sports, the flagship is a tank top! Having a loose material that can absorb sweat, tank tops are never forgotten for sporty girls. In order to be more enthusiastic about sports, try to tie the bottom of the tank top so that it shows your stomach. That way, you can expose your skin to the cooler air, so you won't feel hot anymore. 6. Monochrome style with a tank top and high waist pants Who says you can't mix and match a high waist with a tank top? A high waist is one of the flexible pants paired with any top, including a tank top. Choose a high white waist as your black tank top partner. Monochrome style during the day will look more catchy.