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Skirts refer to all individual styles of dresses worn under the bottom, including long skirts, short skirts, pencil skirts, A-line skirts, and so on. The first impression of the skirt is the narrow skirt of the OL suit. Skirts can not only meet the workplace of intellectual elegance dress up, but also meet your date of sweet and lovely dress up. Wearing a mini pleated skirt, running on the beach, the sea breeze flirting with the skirt corner, it is more sexy, if you are younger, it will definitely attract more eyes, right? Floral short skirt with white T-shirt may be able to help you harvest love. There is no girl who does not like the short skirt of youth. The right hip skirt, long one point is cumbersome, short one point is frivolous. The bottom made a small close mouth, prevent to go out already, can decorate hip again. Lovely candy color immediately lets you reduce the age, absolutely do not hesitate. A gray skirt with a candy-colored top If you have a gray skirt, remember to match a candy colored top to carry out our aging plan. Even if the dazzling sunlight penetrates the air and reflects on our skin, we can also feel a young joy. With a fashionable belt, we can take a young mood to the street. Red skirt and T-shirt We often see old people like to choose red, like more old more gorgeous color, but you don't think red is the elderly exclusive, but because of who I work for the youth like to blow the mature, and forget the bright color is our true companion, red skirt, and big apple T-shirt, as if you came back to a school girl. Naval Academy Style Naval Academy style pleated short skirt is Japanese beauties’ favorites. Indeed the academy style can quickly help us reduce the age, collocation cute smiling face pattern short-sleeved T-shirt, no matter where you appear, you will show off the feeling of lovely youth. Package buttocks short skirt The butt-hugging skirt is actually a very mature skirt, because it can easily show off the mature "S" shape of the girl, but if you pair it with a casual pink letter-patterned T-shirt and a light smock with sun protection, you can instantly make you look like a college student. Blue and white skirt Relaxing and pleasant blue and white skirt, hip design, let the wearer show a proud figure. horizontal visual effect makes hip more plughty, do not be afraid to increase their age, in fact, lovely design of the T-shirt can immediately bring you back to two years ago!