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Everyone's definition of basic types of shoes is different, and there is no official definition of what is basic. We define the basic style as comfort and practicality. Because the basic shoes are what we often wear in our daily life, the comfort of the shoes is very important. In terms of practicality, shoes should have a basic protective effect and keep warm. Shoes are suitable for a wide range of occasions and they can match with different types of clothes. 1.These shoes with a shallow mouth, thin heels and no buckles are called pumps. Because this simple shoe type is convenient to match all kinds of clothing, suitable for all kinds of occasions, it is also the reason why it never goes out of style. The black tip is the most basic and versatile pump that can be used for any occasion. 2.When it comes to low top leather shoes, the first thought should be Oxford shoes and Loafers. Oxford shoes were named after Oxford students who chose these low-top, easy to wear and take off small leather shoes instead of long school boots. The difference of its style is mainly concentrated in the toe. Common toe tips are Plain toe, Cap toe, and Wingtip. 3.Small white shoes are white casual shoes, whether it is canvas, leather or hemp, as long as it is a white slipper, it can become a sharp tool for wearing. 4.Ballet flats are derived from indoor slippers worn during classical ballet dancing. The characteristic feature of this model is that it does not divide the left and right feet. The earliest ballet flats were designed based on the silhouette of individual feet, such as Hepburn, who loved to wear ballet flats. The style difference of ballet flats is mainly concentrated in the toe, and the common is the small bow decoration. 5.Pointy flats can be considered a "zero-centimeter version" of pump, which is the same in sophistication and style. If you don't want to wear the pump all the time and you want to have the sophistication of the pump, you can try pointy flats. , 6.Chelsea boots are closer to Loafers in style, and it will have a handsome juvenile feeling. Chelsea boots are also classic men's boots. 7.A stripe sandal is a stiletto heel sandal with a thin band at the ankle and the foot, also known as the "little black dress in shoes", and is a classic shoe style that can be worn to large events and daily shopping. Now do you have a common sense of the basic types of shoes?