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Simple and cute pants and shirts are essential informal attires. When choosing casual clothes, comfort is paramount. However, choosing an outfit that is both gorgeous and casual can be a bit complicated. 1. Parties are the ultimate informal event where you can show off your style with the latest clothes and casual pants! Party pants in floral prints, for example, are colorful and come in all sorts of bright prints. Wearing them will make you stand out the next time you go to a party! If you happen to be a guest at an informal wedding party, you can choose some cute pantsuits such as pastel wide-leg pants. They look lovely at parties and special events like weddings! 2. Don't be shy about beauty, no matter how old you are! In spite of your age, you can choose newly style and the latest fashion trends. Why not welcome some stylish pantsuits into your wardrobe? This is the perfect choice for casual clothing that looks comfortable and elegant. 3. Black is the standard color for everything in our wardrobe. For example, you could wear a stylish pair of black pants with a stylish jacket. The idea of this outfit fits right into the professional image. 4. Khaki is the first color that comes to mind when people want to dress down. You can pair them with khakis and a pair of running shoes -- super easy and comfortable! Casual pants, cozy life. Why not click to buy the best pants for you?