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Various Types of Midi Dress to Beautify Your Look A midi dress is the most suitable dress for most women, with the right length. Wearing a midi dress alone in summer, or with a jacket or sweater cardigan in the morning or evening when the weather turns cooler in autumn, it is easy to switch between different styles. Noracora has many different styles and patterns of midi dresses and we will provide you with many different fashion combinations. 1. Linen Midi Dress As one of the materials that are often used to design Korean clothes, it turns out that this natural fibrous material has been known since ancient Egypt. Midi dresses made of linen are very suitable to be worn in tropical climates because they can absorb sweat. For models, many linen midi dresses are dominated by plain and minimalist designs. Perfect choice for everyday use or traveling. 2. Floral Midi Dress Floral motifs will never go out of style. Especially in tropical countries, floral will still be popular. Details of floral motifs on the dress will give a more feminine and attractive accent. It is evident that many Korean celebrities do not hesitate to use this chic and fresh floral midi dress. 3. Frilly Midi Dress Accent ruffles turned out to be very beautiful when worn. In addition to giving a feminine impression, accents can also change the appearance of your body shape. What must be remembered is that if you have large breasts, then the most fitting ruffles accent is a transverse model that forms a vertical line. Meanwhile, those with small breasts are freer to choose ruffle accents anywhere. 4. Check Printed Midi Dress The box motif is indeed quite sought after. The gingham accent on the midi dress gives a unique twist and looks so Korean. Choose a plaid midi dress with neutral colors such as brown, black or dark blue. To keep the look elegant and feminine, avoid contrasting colors like red or yellow. 5. Knitted Midi Dress Besides the check print, here's another model of a very Korean midi dress. It's a knitted midi dress. This knitted outfit is able to create a slightly formal look in your office look. Most fitting combined with a plain classic shirt. So, which kind of midi dress do you want to buy? We certainly hope that the list might enlighten you on the common midi dress styles there are today. But keep in mind that there are others styles as well to know, and most of them come from the creative mind of the wearers. You can basically turn your midi dress into anything that you love. With it, you can look cute, edgy, or even a bit masculine with it. The key is to mix and match it with the other elements, like accessories, shoes, or even hairstyle. Create that one style you love the most.