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The Unique Maxi Dress Styles You Need to Know Maxi dress comes off as one of the most convenient clothing to wear daily. Women use it because it feels breathable, soft, and pretty much suitable for any occasion. You can actually style your own maxi dress according to your taste. The thing is, people are often confused when asked about what their style is. To spark your inspiration, here is the unique maxi dress people commonly use. The Unique Maxi Dress Styles You Need to Know Maxi dress with Hijab For those of you who wear a hijab, you can choose a floral dress tunic or maxi dress. A tunic is a top that resembles a mini dress, while a maxi dress is a dress that reaches the ankles in length. A wide and closed maxi dress model will give a polite impression. You can choose this outfit for both parties and casual events. Because the dress you are wearing is patterned, choose a plain color hijab so that the appearance does not look too crowded. Korean Style, with Ruffle Korean fever is not only limited to movies and dramas. The women's fashion style is also heavily influenced by the Korean style. This Korean style of dress is even more inspiring because of the cute clothes when worn. The Korean style floral maxi dress is identical to the ruffle model and tassel decoration on the edge of the dress. The material is also usually made of falling materials such as chiffon or polyester. The types themselves vary; some are in the form of long dresses, and there are also short and sexy pieces. Just adjust the dress model to your comfort. Vintage Style, A-line Maxi Dress with Belt Vintage style is also one of the styles that many women like. Even though it looks old school, the vintage style is timeless and still looks attractive. If you are a lover of vintage style, you can look for floral maxi dresses with A-Line models. Usually, vintage dresses also have accessories or a large belt accent at the waist. This model will give a slim impression to those of you who wear it. So, for those of you who have a body shape resembling an apple or a pear, you can wear this model dress. In addition, vintage dresses are also suitable for those of you who want to look formal or semi-formal. The length of the dress, which is usually knee-length or calf-length, will make you look polite. Casual style, with Summer Dress or Simple Maxi Dress Well, for those of you who like a casual look, a summer dress or a simple maxi dress can be your choice. Summer dresses usually have a shorter cut with cool materials. You can choose between halterneck, sleeveless, or shirt collar models. The most important thing about this style is comfort. So, choose the dress that is most comfortable for you to wear every day, simple, and doesn't have many accents. Pick any styles you want. If you wish, you can even create your own style, the one unusual style that has never been seen before.