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How to carry long sleeve tops? The variety of choices to select what you wear is quite confusing nowadays. Especially when selecting a long sleeve top from a diversity of colors and styles, and of course what suits you the most. However, there is another task that is more difficult than selection. I.e how to carry long sleeve tops. If you are facing a similar issue, you are on the right page. Below you can find the manner in which long sleeve tops could be worn flawlessly with ample combinations. 1. Color Combinations: A universal combination of light color long-sleeve tops with dark bottoms always looks stunning. In fact, vice versa seems astonishing too. To be precise, a white top with dark blue, tan, and black are one of the best combinations. Also, one top color can be matched with a plethora of bottoms. Such as, light grey can go with both black and white, light blue top can easily be worn with dark grey, tan and black. 2. Type of bottom: After the color selection, long sleeve tops must be matched with appropriate bottoms. For a regular look, one can go for tight bottoms, such as skinny jeans, leggings, etc. Those can be painted in a casual look by combining sneakers with the whole outfit. 3. Be a Tucker: To bring out a look of a working woman, you can tuck the long-sleeve top into a right-sized skirt. To enhance this look, use heels and a handbag too. Also, don’t forget the size of the skirt must be almost reaching the knees but not touching them. 4. Casual look: One of the most famous ways to carry long sleeve tops is wearing them with biker shorts. This casual look can easily be witnessed wherever you go. But keep in mind about getting the long sleeve tops of the right length i.e mid-thighs. It will keep your comfort level at ease and don’t have to worry about handling it. 5. Footwear: For each look you want to opt for, footwear selection must be appropriate. Let’s say, to go for a casual look with flat shoes, sports shoes, sneakers, etc. are the most suited ones. Mules also bring out the best casual look. For more of a formal look, we don’t have many options except the pointed heels which you are comfortable in. You must select the size of the heels by keeping in mind that you are the one going to stand and walk in those. Above are some of the tips for carrying long sleep tops with the combination of other parts of the whole outfit. Though keep in mind, that those are just the guidelines that do not work when you are not comfortable enough while putting those on. As per my experience, the long sleeve tops are one of the most comfortable getups to stick with. It can be of great aid when we want to shift from formal to informal to casual. Hence, long sleeve tops are quite an option where class and comfort can be put in a single glass.