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Make Your Move with The Casual Dresses Look! Have a variety of dresses in your closet? Don't worry about being monotonous. You can change your look with casual dresses! Although wearing a dress is identical to a girly impression, with the right mix and match, it will actually make you look different. Of course, this style is suitable for those of you who are used to looking relaxed. Here are the best casual dresses models to look coolers and chill for the day! Casual Dresses for Natural Look First, the dress shirt. Dress models with collars like T-shirts and short sleeves actually show a casual style. Usually, this dress is worn when playing golf. But, to make it look different, you can add sweaters and shirts as layering. It's guaranteed that your style will look more different and still relaxed. Second, mini dresses. This type, if worn properly, will show sexiness. But, you can also add a turtle neck as the interior of the dress you are wearing. Favorite sneakers can also add a cool casual impression. Third, a mini silk dress. This type is no less sexy to make the wearer. However, you can look more casual by adding a puff sleeve top as a layering. Simple, yet stunning. Choosing The Colors for Your Casual Dresses 1. Choose a color according to the theme of the event The first tip you can do is choose the colors of casual dresses that match the event. For example, casual clothes are used for semi-formal events, so you should choose glamorous colors. Some examples of colors that are suitable for semi-formal events are brown, black, yellow, or any color that suits your taste. If the colors are too bright, you should not combine them with equally bright colors. If one of the colors is very bright, the other outfit colors should have neutral colors such as white, black and brown. 2. Combine two complementary colors Then you can combine two colors of tops and bottoms that have the ability to complement each other. There are so many inspirational color combinations that will make your appearance look casual. Learning about combining the right outfit colors is a must. Pastel colors are also one of the colors that are favored by various groups, especially women. A person will have a casual appearance if she is able to mix and match two colors or even 3 pastel colors at once. Some examples of very close combinations include brown and burgundy. Mustard and black, white and purple, maroon and brown, and other colors. 3. About Painted Dresses Print dresses have various interesting motifs that can fit in any atmosphere. Combine it with an outer, either a cardigan or a jacket or a blazer can instantly change your appearance as well. A cardigan will give you a more casual look and is suitable during the day, while a blazer will make you more glossy for an evening appearance. 4. Plain Black This plain black dress has many advantages. Gives an elegant look both day and night and can be combined with various types of outer. The outer material can be adjusted to the event you are going to attend, as well as the selected accessories. For a daily appearance during the day, you can combine it with accessories made of wood or a more casual one with bright colors. And if you want to look elegant at night, you can choose silver, gold, or more glamorous materials so that it fits the event you attend.