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Tips to Wear The Pretty Floral Dresses Of the many floral dresses that are sold in the market, you may be confused about choosing the most appropriate one for you. So, before buying it, try to pay attention to the following things first. Make sure the floral dress material is comfortable to wear Do you already know what material you want to wear floral dresses with? If not, we will discuss some materials that might be suitable for you to use when attending certain events. Before you buy the floral dresses, make sure the material you choose is comfortable to wear. The following is an explanation of some of the materials for a floral dress. Polyester: This material usually uses fibers derived from petroleum deposits. The polyester material is quite popular as the basic material for making today's outfits. In addition to its durable nature, polyester material is also not easily wrinkled and can withstand body heat. Cotton: Cotton is a great material for many types of clothing. In general, cotton or cotton material can absorb sweat well. In addition, cotton can be used in various types of weather. Linen: For those of you who like to wear thick but still cool materials, you can choose the following materials. In addition to having thick fabric fibers, the texture of the fabric remains soft and suitable for use in any weather. Adjust the size and floral motif to your body Before Noracora a floral dress on e-commerce, make sure you read the description of the dress size first. Usually, the sizes listed in the description range from XS, S, M, L, XL, to 5XL. In addition to size, choosing a floral dress motif according to body shape is also important. Check out the following explanation. The small motif for those of you who have a bigger body If you have a bigger body, you can look for a floral dress with a small motif. It would be better if the motif is not too dense or spaced. If the dress motif is too crowded, the clothes will look full and make your body look bigger. On the other hand, large floral motifs can also make the body look wider and bigger, especially if the motifs are piled up. So, avoid large motif sizes and look for small floral motifs. Big motifs for smaller body. If you are a petite person, any choice of motif will suit you. Small florals can make you look cuter, while large florals can make you look fuller. Some people who are small often feel insecure about their body shape. So, large floral motifs can also indirectly attract people's attention. And that's what you can do before actually buying floral dresses. Floral dresses are an awesome outfit you can wear on any occasion. But. be always sure to pick the one that's most comfortable for you.