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Women's boots have become an indispensable part of women's clothing. Because of boots, girls do not have to be bound by heavy pants and monotone shoes, do not have to worry about the body is not long and slim. All kinds of boots also become the protagonist of the fashion stage. Put on your favorite boots and then match a beautiful skirt, you can add a lot of beautiful index. Classified boots according to the height classification. Ankle boots: Boots with an ankle height Short boots/high ankle boots: boots with a barrel as high as the calf Knee boots/cowboy boots: boots that are knee-high Thigh boots: Boots whose barrel is above the knee How to properly maintain boots 1. The newly bought leather boots because of the process of leaving the factory and selling is relatively long, the maintenance has been consumed almost when it is just off the production line. So the new boots should not be put on immediately after the purchase, should be thinly apply a layer of shoe polish, and place for 1 day to wear. 2. Boots should be maintained once a week, if you feel that your oil is too hard, might as well try the leather shoes beauty center in the mall. 3. White boots are more difficult to take care of, and if they are dirty, they are particularly obvious. At this time, the eraser plays a role, and it can remove the stains like the pencil word. 4. Don't wear the same pair for more than 3 days in a row, because you need to breathe and rest after wearing the boots for a day to have a longer life. 5. Clean up the boots before storing them. It is best to dry them in a ventilated place for 1-2 days, so that it is not easy to become a hotbed of bacteria and mites. After polishing your boots, don't forget to stuff them with paper balls to keep them safe and sound.