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Your Boho dress guide for an accomplished and catchy Boho look Boho style is not only about a clothing style or an ephemeral trend. It’s a complete mindset that perfectly expresses women's nature, freedom and creativity. There is no one Boho style, it’s all about richness, diversity and possibilities. It’s the magic, authentic and distinguished touch that you can add to any other style to have a remarkable, fresh and shining look. If you want to look gorgeous at any moment of the day and have your own secret Boho touches, this article could be your ultimate bohemian dresses guide Playing with sleeves and lengths to express beauty and strength! It has been a while since boho dresses have broken the limits of length and sleeve shapes. Even though the classical long boho dress is still a must have in your wardrobe, short or midi length dresses offer interesting alternatives as well. Your perfect Boho dress should respect your body type: Short dresses are more suitable for short ones while midi and long dresses better fit the tallests. Sleeve styles, add more character to your relaxed easy going look. Whatever lengths, shapes or endings of your sleeves are, they should mark your body assets and never put the light on its imperfections or add undesired volume. Materials that better define your body shapes! Boho style is a natural and instinctive return to the roots. Bohemian dresses are usually made of natural fibers and customized with handmade tissus or items. To adopt this comfy fluffy but extremely feminin style, natural materials are the best way to reshape your body features and create your unique style with fabrics such as: silk, denim, linens, crocheted or knitted cotton, lace and more. Layering for impressive and imprevisible styling! Boho style is the best way to leave your comfort zone and to freely express your creativity and invent your own style. Your Boho dress is nothing but your virgin canvas, layering is your exclusive technique and your mood is your unique inspiration to conceive your looks. Layering could be realized with tops, T-shirts, shirts, jackets, pantyhose, scarves. You can even layer jewelry or belts. You can mix cuts, shapes, colors, materials and styles and you are still in the very essence of Boho spirit. Accessories, for personal and magical glowing touches! Accessories are just vital to enhance your Boho dress final look. Don’t miss to match your natural fabric Boho bag, you can maybe add a hat and or a belt and keep the funniest unmissable touches of jewelry for the end. Even if boho style is well known for its natural material jewelry, mixing all styles and materials is highly recommended to complete and illuminate your look. Accumulating all kinds and sizes of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings is the most amusing and exciting part before revealing the final look. A fine tuned combination of fresh colors for a fresh look! The cool and serene Boho style perfectly rhymes with soft, calm but vibrant colors. You have a wide panel of subtil hues from delicate pastels, pure natural colors to the neutral earth colors. Unique color Boho dresses are highly valued with jackets or scarves with floral or ethnic prints. On the other hand, free-flowing floral dresses reveal fresh, extremely sensual and feminin looks. Wearing the timeless white boho dress! The white boho dress is a timeless unmissable piece. It perfectly expresses the pure, authentic and exceptionally feminin bohemian style. It could be your favorite summer dress wherever you go: beach parties, music festivals, events, or shopping…It also could be worn for very special occasions as a fabulous and memorable wedding dress.